Africa's Leader in Blockchain Talent

Cryptosavannah Academy is a world-class blockchain training institute located in the heart of Africa. We are training 1000 blockchain developers over the next 5 years because we believe that blockchain represents the future of how information will be stored and business transacted.

Join the Academy
Attracting and Screening Talent
Small jobs, large jobs, anything in between
Partnerships with leading universities in Uganda to identify top candidates
Fixed price or hourly projects
Partnerships with innovation hubs and accelerators
Specific skills, price, and schedule requirements
Interview process which comprises:
  • online screening test of coding & logic
  • Two in-person interviews on site
  • How does it work?

    Training and Curriculum

    1. We are partnered with the leading blockchain developer training programs globally.
    2. Candidates will be taught through hands-on projects incorporating the latest blockchain conventions.
    3. Developers will be blockchain agnostic, able to code on multiple blockchain platforms i.e. ethereum, hyperledger, cardano.
    4. Cryptosavannah Academy Boot camp – 12 week skilling program.



    • Dec 29th - Closing date for Assessments .
    • Dec 30th - Jan 3rd: Interviews and selection process.
    • Jan 9th: Start of training program.


    • Feb 12th - Closing date for Assessments.
    • Feb 14th - 22nd: Face to face interviews and selection.
    • March 1st: Start of training program.